Lost Planet 2, Chillin' On A Street Corner

E.D.N. III is thawing out in Lost Planet 2, and so are the game's cases, encased in ice blocks on Massachusetts Ave. in Boston. As seen by Kotaku reader Edward D.


    That's so very cool.


    Fantastic use of viral marketing. Excellent post Owen, sending this straight to Twitter.

    huh wondering how long they lasted until someone grabed one and ran off with it?
    mind you, even if they did have the disc inside, i doubt it would work after being encased in ice

      Maybe they are factory sealed with that plastic wrap?

        You can even see the plastic baggy they are in if you look close enough

      haha, first thing i thought when i saw this was 1) why are you taking a photo when you could be taking one, and 2) i wonder if there used to be four before the photo

    cant make out 2 of the games because of the ice ...

    I think it's pretty lame they delayed it and are now giving out free copies.

    Capcom don't care about global warming. Look at them melting the ice, don't they KNOW it's hurting the Earth?

    If they keep it up this might end up a Lost Planet...


    *slide whistle*

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