Lost Planet 2 Lady Pirates Don't Need Armour, Pants

The male pirates of Lost Planet 2 multiplayer are generally covered head-to-toe in protective body armour. The females? Not so much. Someone's going to lose an underboob.

I mean, I could understand the desire to show a little bit of skin. Otherwise you wind up with fully armoured females that only look slightly different from fully armoured males, and that's no fun. Still, nothing good can come of going into combat wearing only bikini bottoms and a shirt that barely conceals your nipples.

And yes, that goes for men as well. Cover up those nipples!


    So shameless. So the men in this game (set during a post-apocalyptic freezing cold setting) wear fur-lined body armour while the women wear gratuitous bikini clothes?

    Where are the women to be pissed off by this? People want videogames to be considered as art, yet it's still perhaps the most juvenile and sexist of mediums. I love games, I love games that portray women (and men) realistically, but it annoys me everytime a game (usually Japanese) comes out that demeans females with stuff like metal breast chestpieces or bikini armour.

    I understand what you mean, Women DO deserve more respect, but also, think about the other stereotypes. In the 5-(1,2,3) missions, you play as "mexicans", who are disgusting, fat, lazy, and stupid.
    If you're going to complain, cover ALL the subjects that need to be covered. im pretty sure i didnt even mention all the stereotypes in this game.

    ...and what's wrong with that?

    Chapter 5's "mexicans" are hilarious and pretty cool... and half-naked gals with big guns for the ultimate win!

    U.S People please, not everybody who speaks spanish is mexican.

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