LunchTimeWaster: Level Up Your RPG Cliché Loot Here

Synopsis Quest pokes affectionate fun at your favourite 16-bit era console RPGs, affording sly winks at the likes of Zelda and Final Fantasy along the way.

It is divided into a collection of 25 scenes, from opening your very first treasure chest to viewing the game's end credits - although you can play through them in any order.

I had to raise a smile during the character creation scene where you're able to select your starting stats. In trying to get them as high as possible, I created a literal monster and, well, no monster can be a true hero.

Can you beat all 25 scenes this lunchtime?

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    Haha, I loved the "Act like a hero" scene. It's my favourite thing about RPGs. :D

      "Learn the truth" :D

        That your mum's an Angel and your Dad's a Mole person? lol

    completed all 25 :D

    can get past the sailing ship level, thats they only one i couldnt do

      just sail around for a while until it's night and the a spot will twinkle then press space over the top of it

    I couldn't get past the escape from Jail scene, everything else was pretty easy though

      one of the walls is fake. find it. walk through it and up the stairs

      walk into walls

    For some reason I burst out laughing on the Protect the Princess level when I turned around and killer her

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