LunchTimeWaster: See Yourself And Die

LunchTimeWaster: See Yourself And Die

LunchTimeWaster: See Yourself And DieThis clever little puzzler comes from Square Enix, of all places. It doesn’t even appear to be some spin-off of Final Fantasy either. Strange!

Time Paradox gives you a maze, a locked exit, a bunch of keys, some of which are hidden behind other locked doors, and a button that rewinds time. When you step on the latter, it rewinds back to the start of the level and replays your previous actions. But your first character remains under your control, kinda like the shadow levels in Braid.

The catch is: you only have thirty seconds to make it to the exit, with the clock resetting when you rewind time. So much of the puzzling is working out how to retrieve multiple keys with multiple characters and doing so quickly.

Oh, and the other catch is: if your character sees your shadow, the resulting titular time paradox ends your life. Harsh.

Time Paradox [Square Enix]


  • For shame David! SE occasionally does games other than FF spin-offs, like The World Ends With You and Dragon Quest spin-offs. Remakes/re-releases! Do they count?

  • I just can’t work out how to beat even the first level. Any hints?

    With my first dude, I can get to the teleporter with about 2s remaining. With my 2nd dude, I get the key. The teleporter seems to now be inactive and I can’t see any other option to explore… GAH!

    My little dude moves so slowly that I’m wondering if I’m handicapped by lag?

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