LunchTimeWaster: The Incredible Shrinking/Growing Man

This is genius. Platformers tend to be fixed experiences. But what if you could alter your size at any moment, turning that gaping chasm into a mere crack in the ground, and vice versa?

Specter Spelunker Shrinks only tells half the story. Yes, pressing down will shrink your spelunking little man, allowing him to venture into passageways that previously only came up to his shin. But pressing up also makes him grow, allowing you to comfortably jump onto that previously towering cliff.

It gets cleverer, too, when you realise that shrinking actually slows down time, and you can morph between sizes in the middle of a jump. It's just brilliant.

Specter Spelunker Shrinks [Gamejolt]


    Didn't you post this as a LunchTimeWaster earlier, David?

    It was fun, very fun, until I found an easter egg (a snowglobe) and couldn't escape.

      Disregard what I said :P

      Very fun game, and the annoying black lines that kept appearing stopped being annoying after awhile.

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