LunchTimeWaster: Watch The Stars Come Out

There's a new Hoshi Saga Ringoame out. What's that? They're simple puzzles where you have to reveal a star in each screen by manipulating its contents.

Simple enough, but can you find all 25 new stars?

Hoshi Saga Ringoame [Nekogames]


    how do you do stage 26? cant figure that one out for the life of me.. the rest are like simple as.

      I'll leave it to Dave (or whoever else at Kotaku AU HQ)to decide whether I'll be allowed to spoil it for you.

      From the starting position, click and drag to the left. Keep doing it a few times slowly, and eventually it'll all line up and fall into the shape of a star. Be sure to do it slowly; the shadow'll make a three-pointed star, then a four-pointed one, then finally the five-pointed star.

    I cannot for the life of me complete 40. Any tips?

      Beats me, too... And I got it as soon as I posted here.

        This one took the longest for me (consider my lunchtime wasted). Since Dave's in the same boat I won't spoil it outright, so let's just say you have to find a way to get rid of all the balls all at once.

    Tips for Stage 40?

      Hint: Try playing around the bottom edge :)

      I played through and completed all 5 games, at work. I hop no one saw me but it's so addictive!

    Oh my god, of course.

    I've played this before, never beat it, but absolutely loved it. Worth another shot, though. Thanks for this, Dave :D

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