LunchTimeWaster: You'll Be Hooked, Highly, Definitely

Gravity Hook HD is an updated version of a two year-old casual classic. But it arrives at the precise moment in time where grappling hooks are the must-have game accessory.

Fling yourself upwards and onwards by attaching your grappling hook to a series of green nodes. Avoid the blue ones and try not to fall off the bottom of the screen.

This is actually a flash demo of the proper HD iPhone/iPod touch release. Which I'll be buying during my next splurge on the app store.

How high can you get?

Gravity Hook HD [Adam Atomic]


    Grappling hooks have always been a must have.

    Bionic Commando HD had the best grappling hook physics ever. I loved the shit out of that game. The multiplayer was awesome.

    Thanks for pointing out another game that should be on my to play list for when I get an iPhone/Touch David! ;)

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