Mafia Wars To Weaponise Animals

Getting a little tired of simply gunning down your enemies in Mafia Wars?

You're in luck. Beginning next week, you'll have a literal menagerie of new weapons. Namely, the animal kingdom.

Mafia Wars, a Facebook game by Zynga with over 25 million current players, posted news on their blog stating, "Animals are soon going to be a separate category of items that will be used in fighting and robbing." That means, besides Weapon, Armor and Vehicle, each mobster will now be an Animal category.

According to the game's Facebook fan page, lions, tigers and pit bulls are just a few of the animals you'll be able to buy and use. Players will be able to acquire animals in two ways. This week only, Mafia Wars is hosting an 'Animals Gone Wild' event where players can loot animals from jobs, fighting and robbing. Just keep in mind that any animals found during 'Animals Gone Wild' won't be weaponised until next week. If you're looking for one animal in particular, you can also purchase it at the Marketplace.

Looks like next time, Fido can send those wise guys to sleep with the fishes.


    Great! Just another way to send out the wrong message about American Pit Bull Terriers... So not cool.

      It sends out the message that American Pit Bull Terriers make good attack dogs (or in this case, guard dogs) which in reality they do. Any dog can be a vicious mauling machine, but just like a human, they have to learn that behavior from somewhere. People tend to overlook that fact pretty often.

    they eat your fast food disposal

    But will there be flying purple hippos in top hats that make a trail of rainbows?

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