Mass Effect 2 DLC Now Live After Day-Long Delay

Kasumi's Stolen Memory the DLC addition for Mass Effect 2 just reached Xbox Live Marketplace, after being delayed much of the day due to an unspecified issue with Microsoft according to BioWare.

Earlier in the day a BioWare spokesperson acknowledged the delay to IGN and said the studio was working with Microsoft on a solution. We just checked Xbox Live five minutes ago and Kasumi's Stolen Memory is online and available, for 560 Microsoft Points.

It's the first premium DLC package for Mass Effect 2, so even those who are a part of Cerberus Network will have to pay the freight for the download.


    for as awesome as ME2 is im happy to pay for this DLC.

    I checked on my Xbox this morning and couldn't find it.

    I had to check the website and add it to my download queue that way.

    Yes, I loved Mass Effect 2, but I just don't feel the need to buy this. I found it was an already well-rounded package, and I think this DLC would only be good for people who haven't beaten the game yet, otherwise it just feels like an add-on with no real substance.

    Still haven't unwrapped my preordered copy. Is it safe now?! Any more DLC coming up I don't know about?!

      Are you insane? Get to it man! Great game - the less you wait, the less spoilers you're bound to get!

      I think the next thing for Mass Effect 2 will be an expansion... well its what i would LOVE!
      But it wouldn't surprise me - the only problem with the expansion is incorporating it with the storyline and the transferring of game saves in ME3 etc...

      I wouldn't some more small DLC content between now and ME3 - but i would love to see an expansion that is sorta like a ME2.5 and the moment that expansion ends, ME3 will start. I hate having gaps between sequels - i was glad they brought out ODST for Halo, but was still let down cause no Masterchief but then again sitting on some object coming to Earth isn't very fun to play.

    I would buy Kasumi if it didn't mean wasting 240 bioware points.

    What idiot thought only being able to buy lots of 800 was a good idea?

    @ Mr Waffle - Most likely Appearance Pack 2,3 & 4 coming up soon, and some very basic sound files have been found that seem to suggest that there may be Liara focused DLC coming up that details here struggle with the Shadow Broker.

    Now is the better times to get into it as all the characters have been released and any new missions can be played post-final mission as long as you survive the last mission. Bioware has said they are going to support ME2 with DLC till ME3 so you're going to have to play sooner or later :P

      I haven't played it yet because I was busy when it came out and when I finally had free time... well, all the DLC kept coming out so I was "one more week! one more week and I'll play it!". But thanks for letting me know you can do stuff in the endgame, I'm not so worried about new DLC now haha.

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