Mass Effect 2 Formally Introduces Kasumi Tomorrow

Mass Effect 2 Formally Introduces Kasumi Tomorrow

Although never really made official, an April 6 release for Mass Effect 2’s “Kasumi” DLC is hardly a secret or a surprise. If nothing else, this new video confirms you can get your grubby paws on it tomorrow.

Billed as an homage to James Bond (warning, spoilers at that link), it delivers us Commander Shepard in some kind of astro-tux with his new ally, Kasumi Goto, intergalactic heist artist extraordinaire. Don’t worry, the two quickly ditch the need for formalities and slip into something a little more deadly.

The DLC is $US7 for PC or whatever the hell the equivalent is of seven bucks is in Microsoft Points for Xbox 360. Is it 560 points? I can’t do maths right now.


  • WOOT – easily picking this up tomorrow. When you think about it 560 points for a character that you can take with you everywhere in a 45+ hour experience, a new 1-2 hour loyalty mission, a new SMG, new loyalty power and new achievement is god dam good value compared to alot of other content on the market (looks at Stimulus Package :shudder:)

    • 45+ hour??

      I finished this in 31 hours… and i completed all of the side quests and jerked around space stations for ages also.

      I’ll be picking this up though, i’ve just started my New Game+ on insane…

      • On Insanity, starting with a new shepard or an import shepard from ME1 it is going to take you at LEAST 40 hours if you are good. Took me 45 with all the DLC and all side missions.

  • I’ve been holding off doing another play through until this came out.

    Kind of wished it had launched before easter so I had the whole weekend to play me2.

  • I’m going to do my second playthrough afer I wait for that free DLC with the vehicle missions, I dont think its out yet? hmm I need to finish ME1 again first as well. So little time for all this!

  • WOW if only i didn’t spend my last set of points on the discounted G.Wars2!!! ARGH

    And they have TOTALLY nailed the James Bond homage 101%.
    Even the name “Kasumi Goto” sounds like a Bond girl.

    I would like to see some new enemies though – like some different Mechs to fight. Does this offer any new weapons or anything??
    How many extra missions besides GAINING Kasumi and doing her loyal mission??

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