Maybe This Is One Reason The Stimulus Package Cost So Much

At $US3 per map, it was fair to ask what else you get for your money with the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package. The answer, apparently, is a big-ass marketing campaign.

In the U.K. at least, Activision has spent £1m to flack the game online and over TV throughout the Easter weekend, MCV reported.

Spending that much to market DLC is something of a milestone, showing it can and will be pushed as hard, comparatively speaking, as a game itself. Suppose that means we can look forward to more such DLC marketing - and the premium prices it commands.

DLC Goes Mainstream with £1m MW2 Push [MCV]


    pc gaming is dead...

    They are such idiots for trying to market DLC so much. You don't even need to market it that much. ITs DLC! geez.

    They could of saved the marketing, thus saving money. also saving money for their customers.

    What, did they think people weren't going to buy this thing without seeing an add for it? Everyone who plays MW2 wants it, which is basically everyone not playing BFBC2 right now. And everyone would be buying it too if it didn't cost so damn mutch.

    Is it wrong to say that Activision has themselves a bit of a catch 22?

    I don't get this approach. I would think that advertising could be done in game, in much the same way that they would advertise double points weekends? Just a little tagline down the bottom "Check out our new map packs in the store".

    If they spent some of the budget advertising on TV, would have they been advertising the map packs or the game itself? You would think that people that already have the game would know about the map packs, so they would try and target the people that don't have the game already.

    Waste of money for the map packs, and for the advertising I think.

    I don't get it would advertising the dlc actually have it sell more?

    There little NEW sign next to the downloadable content text on the menu would be enough to make me check it out.
    And I never saw any advertising at all for this anyway.

    Now i'm entirely sure but i'm pretty sure MW2 when playing multiplayer, has some little news feed at the bottom or something. That would surely advertise the Map Pack.

    Well im judging this off the fact that COD4 had that NEWS thing and Bungie do it with Halo 3.

    The DLC appeals to the people who own the game, not the people without it. Not having the game and seeing DLC for MAPSSSSS not campaign, just MAPS, maps that just look different to the maps on the DISC!
    I don't imagine someone seeing the DLC being advertised and rushing out to get the game. This is the most stupid idea ever. but Activision have so much money its like giving a dollar to a homeless man.

    If they really wanna spend it somehow, spend it by advertising heavily on XBL or PSN. Something that wouldn't really cost you anything!

    Why even bother advertising DLC?, people have already made up their mind about now much they enjoy modern warfare 2 and if they will pay for extra content, It’s not like people are just on the edge about buying DLC. You’ve made up your mind on day one if you want to pay for the content, so advertising it just seems pointless.

    In Soviet Russia, stimulus package costs you!

      In Soviet Russia, you stimulate package! Oh wait...

    I don't buy it, whilst I believe they spent alot of cash on marketing DLC, don't believe it's directly related to the cost of the DLC.

    They would've had their marketing campaign mapped out from before MW2 hit the shelves. So Activision probably had "x" amount of money to market all areas of the game. They simply broke that down...

    90% - MW2, 5% - DLC Pack #1, 5% - DLC Pack #2

    or something like that.

    So MW2 broke all gaming records and essentially probably broke even or turned a profit on Day 1. The additional marketing costs of the DLC wouldn't have made a dent into their profits.

    They are just being greedy and arrogant again, they think everyone will just buy it, like MW2 on release.

    If things are too be believed, it's all Activision at fault, they set the price. IW had no control over the price. Worse still, the number of people that have left MW2 to go to BF:BC2, they would need a competitive and fair price to gain those customers back, this has only pushed them further away.

    Oh man Activision...when were you taken over by Satan?

    hey i have a ps3 im in australia i go on mw2 and its says map pack available at ps store but i go there and its not there

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