Mean Girls Game Capitalises On Film's Popularity, Lohan's Career

Six years, three arrests and three rehab stints after Lindsay Lohan starred in Mean Girls, its video game adaptation is being released. Without LiLo on the box. This, folks, is what the suits call "leveraging a hot property".

Better yet, it's actually been two years since Paramount was said to be working up the game in the first place. A two year dev cycle? Gawd, that must mean this is some AAA sandbox RPG right? Wrong. Last we heard it was some kind of Puzzle Quest ripoff for the DS that only allegorically referred to the movie or its characters.

Then again, by the time Paramount licensed this over, Lohan's descent into cocaine, booking photos and hideous tabloid coverage had reached its nadir. So it's doubtful they planned to include her anyway, although her character is apparently a part of it.

The game's listed for an April 20 release. Just remember, in the end, despite long odds, self-destructive behaviour and a never ending development cycle, Mean Girls still got made and Duke Nukem Forever didn't.

Mean Girls DS Arriving Sans Lohan [The Tanooki]


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    “leveraging a hot property”?

    More like flogging a dead horse.

    Honestly, i don't see how they expect this to sell. Think bout it, it's been 6 years since the movie came out meaning the age group that watched the movie are now too old for this game. Also what parent would buy a game for their daughter called "mean girls" with a picture of three very snobby looking cows on the front... Well two snobby and one that just looks utterly brain dead.

    What next? "The Breakfast Club for DS?", "10 things i hate about Wii?", or maybe the ever popular "Romeo & Juliet mini games of yore?"

      “10 things i hate about Wii?”


      Chuloopa: Owen was being sarcastic. Hence the quotes.

        lol - i'm well aware that he was being sarcastic. I was just using a seperate term. The dig wasn't at Owen, more at yet another piece of trash on the DS

      It will sell millions, don't underestimate the power of all the little girls out there who are growing up just wanting to be one of these girls.... if they market it right, it could be a gold mine.

      Breakfast Club DS!??? I'm there.

      And you know what they can do a cover without Judd Nelson or Emilio Estevez!!

    Imagine a game script written by Tina Fey!

    If only!

    This is why we can't have nice things!

    I'll be all over this if I get to drive to the mall GTA style.

    When you put it that way, I don't feel so bad about Duke Nukem Forever. Remember, there's something worse than a game not being made after more than 10 years of development- and that's a game like THIS being made!

    Mean Girls + Puzzle Quest?
    I don't see how this could possibly go wrong.

    Good work on sneaking in the word "nadir" by the way.

    Lindsay Lohan copyright/license from Paramount Studio is too expensive to use in-game or cover box art for small publisher like 505games

    perez brought this up out of personal hatred on Lindsay without gaming industry knowledge bt i think Kotaku should known it better lFoL

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