Metal Gear Creator Dreaming Of A Console-Free Future

A console-less future. It's a topic that rears its head from time to time, and what do you know, today it rears its head again, courtesy of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

"In the near future, we'll have games that don't depend on any platform," he said at yesterday's Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker press event in Tokyo.

"Gamers should be able to take the experience with them in their living rooms, on the go, when they travel — wherever they are and whenever they want to play. It should be the same software and the same experience."

This of course made Hiroshi Kawano, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, who was in attendance, a little nervous. "It's a bold prediction," he said. "We hope he continues to develop for platforms, but we deeply respect his sense of taking on a challenge."

It must be weird, thinking about actually developing for the kind of technology that you once used to dream about in your own "futuristic" games.

Japan's video game visionary: the console is dying [Reuters]


    :( I like consoles.

      Don’t worry Michael I think the ‘future’ he is seeking is more advantageous to consumers than the current environment. In his vision (as I interpret it) a piece of software (game in this case) is written once and used on any device you choose to use it on. Be it your phone, car gps unit, television or kiosk at the supermarket.

      It removes the need to own a PS3, 360, PSP, iPhone and Mac/Win PC (to just highlight my gaming platforms alone).

      It a far far away future I wouldn’t worry to much just yet.

        yeah well the only way to get this to work is to have the 3 current consoles makers to get out of the market because so long as there there youll have the diehard fanboys that will restrict this kind of change

        its why i wish the consoles would die off
        it would move the arena back to the PC which if the entire console community where in on would drive down prices

        the whole constantly having to upgrade you system thing is moot if handled properly you just make it so that all games must be able to run at xxFPS on xx graphics or higher and that the bar for requirements is raised every 4 years or somesuch

        its not hard to plug a controller in if thats the way you wanna play and even easier to use a TV as a monitor

        but eh itll never happen

      I don't think he was thinking of scrapping consoles altogether, merely the notion that there eventually will be one single type of console in every home. A "PlayWii 360" if you will.

        But, if there was one console which played everything, there would be multiple companies making it, adding there own features and software to make people buy it from them.

        Consoles will never ever die.

      I like consoles and hard copies too.

        You like it because you're used to it. Think about it, what Stone has described above is pretty damn cool.

    A 'bold prediction' indeed. Unfortunately, I doubt unless there's some sort of gigantic economic disaster that makes the GFC look like Megan Fox attacking you with a feather duster, it won't happen.

    There's just too much money involved and profits to be made. Third party studios are incentivised to make exclusive titles so one console makes more money than the others and so on. Basically, it comes down to this: how much money would Microsoft need to make to buy out Nintendo AND Sony?

    It would be nice though. Maybe not as nice as Megan Fox attacking you with a feather duster, but still good. One console/device that let you play every game, and was portable... yes, a bold prediction.

    They said the same thing about Java. The slogan was "Write one, run anywhere."

    This was decades ago and it still has not happened.

    As long as there is a market for both, neither PCs nor consoles are going to disappear anytime soon.

    This is the future that will eventually come, and it will be for the better. It is not only games, but all media and entertainment should be free form the clunky restriction of PC's, laptops, phones, consoles and TVs.

    It is going to be a LONG way off, but I will look forward to my Minority Report home system, with my interoperate Star Trek hand-held communicator/information device.

      Should be free of the clunky restrictions, but while there's money to be kept in one CEO's pocket and not in another's, they won't.

      I'm not saying it won't be for the better, just saying that until greed is no longer part of the human condition, I wouldn't hold my breath.

        By a LONG time, I mean a time when the iPad equivalent will cost the same as a hardback novel. Only when the hardware because cheap and almost disposable will the information flow freely.

        I just hope the future will be mole like the $100 laptop vision, where free and open hardware and software is cheaply available to everyone, and not the Apple future, where closed expensive tech is sold with an aim at micro-transactioning the rich.

      or with my subdermal iTunes implant that send Health Packs to my guildmates in Metal Gear Rex Giant Robot Hunter (for 2 Microsoft Points per 20HP) :)

    He may be talking about things like "OnLive" where you can just use any devices connected to the internet to play your games from the cloud.

    If it is that, it has its pros:
    - you would not need a powerful expensive device,
    - you could play almost everywhere
    - ...
    and its cons:
    - you would not really own the games as it seems that it could be a kind of subscription thing
    - you would not be able to play when there is no internet or when there are server problems (ok ;-), Ubi already provide this "feature").
    - ...

    Also games would need be to capable of using the different interfaces of the different devices: mice, keyboards, gamepad, wiimote-like device, natal-like device, ...
    or may be by that time we will all use brain/mind controlled devices :-).

    I think he should shut up - he is sounding like an idiot. Much like i am right now for telling someone as genius as him to shut it.

    But seriously - Sony and MS will never back out of gaming. They have too much money from Sony's other products and MS raping the computer industry that now that they're in it, i think they will stay no matter how much one of their future consoles may fail or not.

    Nintendo - well i think the profit they have made off the Wii can finance the next 3 generations alone, so enough said about them.

    I honestly don't see something like this happening - fair enough he "dreams" of such a thing - but not in the next 20 years or 30 years. I would even safely predict some new console coming to the market in that time - not just one of those low budget consoles, but something from a major company (or publisher).

    I re-call an article that some journalist wrote in regards to if someone like EA ever made a console, they could really put the other consoles almost out of business in terms of software. EA own almost every major franchise, especially sport titles. With the click of a finger, a hefty percentage of games can disappear from other consoles.

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