Metal Gear Creator Teasing Taboo-breaking 'Next Title'

The man in charge of all things Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima, is fully embroiled in wrapping up Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for its wintertime release on the PSP. But Kojima's mind has apparently begun to wander to his "next title".

Kojima says, via Twitter, that he's daydreaming/obsessing over his future project, putting his brain in "The Next Title Mode". That means "pondering over the next project's voice cast" and its "title, game design, story, characters, setting, mechs, casting, direction of the graphics, sound, beginning & ending, and key story sequences."

"It all molds together naturally in my head," Kojima writes. That next project could very well be the already announced Metal Gear Solid: Rising, announced at E3 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, or something else entirely - just don't get your hopes up yet, considering the Kojima Productions head's obligations to the two still unreleased Metal Gear games and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Kojima also says his "next title" will "challenge a certain type of taboo".

"If I mess up, I'll probably have to leave the industry," he says in a message translated by Andriasang. While we may not know what Kojima's target taboo is or whether we're aware of what that "next title" is, we know one thing - this guy knows how to get our attention.


    Oh god please let this be ZoE3

      I recall he said something about that is only just remotely possible so i wouldn't get my hopes up

      even though zoe was sooooo epic. =[

    What is it exactly that stops anyone porting MGS4 to 360?

    Like technically I mean...

      The amount of money Sony would have coughed up to prevent Konami from doing so...

      As I understand it, Kojima's uncompromising position on the texture resources. The ps3 bluray has the space to hold all the detailed textures without compression, meaning that they're always pretty and don't extend loading times.
      It also does away with texture pops etc.
      The 360 media doesn't have the space for all the uncompressed textures and movies and someone son't let it be published on the 360 if it can't. Not sure it was Kojima.

        hit the nail right on.

        Kojima would not want concessions made to it, at all. making it implausible on the 360. It "could" be done, but in the way FFXIII was done, but the difference would be greater, with everything being ingame, cutscene or otherwise. It isnt just a question of lowering the resolution of the cutscenes.

    Ahhh Kojima yet another one of your wild and wacky claims... just make a game damn it.

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