Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker CD Packaging Has A Naughty Secret

Looks like an innocent CD music single packaging for upcoming stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, right? It's so not.

The CD packaging for "Love Deterrence", the character theme for PW heroine Paz, has a slip cover.

It can be slipped off. reveal this! Peace Walker allows players to see through the clothes of characters. CD single covers, too!

PSP『メタルギアソリッドPW』のキャラクターソング「恋の抑止力」のCDジャケットがなんかエロい ほか [はちま起稿]


    That was unexpected.

    I sense JAILBAIT... so let's hope that bra stays on :)

    I knew, as soon as I read the title, that that's what this would be. I like fanservice as much as the next guy (OK, not the next guy, he's a bit weird, maybe the guy after), but come on.

    This is why, when we say "video games are a respectable medium," people can point and say "no, see." Imagine if this were the case for a film, or a CD that wasn't explicitly linked to a video game.

      But in fairness, do you use examples like Epic Movie to point out how cinema is obviously not a valid art form? There's a whole spectrum out there.

        See, I know that, and you know that, but they don't. I wouldn't be surprised if some anti-game journo gets wind of this and uses it as more fuel on the R18 bonfire, is all.

        Love the call there. That 'movie' was one of the worst pieces of shite shited upon civilisation.

    Of course, who else would think of that apart from the japs, i mean we should have been expecting this, right?

    Still, clever.

    Nothing really new guys. I've been playing yakuza 4 from japan and it has a weird mini game where you look at a girl and if you look to long at her, a babies face appears crying on the screen and you fail

    like what?

    The Peace Walker logo hidden in the frilling of the bra is a nice touch.

    It's bad enough that her shirt becomes completely see through when she's singing that song, but this? Seriously? I think the people in Japan need to see if there's any link between the increase in the amount of crap like this and the increases in suicides...

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