Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Product Placement Explained!

From Axe body spray to Doritos chips, upcoming stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is wall-to-wall product placement. Game designer Hideo Kojima explains why.

"Concerning the current tie-ins, various things are being said in the news in the business sense, but I have singular reason," Kojima wrote via Twitter. "It's because I want to surprise players. If there's no surprise or freshness, then I'll stop the tie-ins. It's different from Hollywood-style merchandising."

So this is totally different from when actors or actresses hold products in movies. That is not surprising. The product placement in Peace Walker is incredibly surprising! Don't believe us?

Oh look Mountain Dew. Wow.

What's this? Pepsi Nex? In the jungle? They don't have it in the 1970s. That's so surprising!

Doritos? Mountain Dew, Pepsi Nex and Doritos? Talk about fresh.

Hideo Kojima has always surprised players through gameplay, not product placement. Focus on that, no need to defend corporate marketing choices.

Twitter / 小島秀夫: 今回のコラボについても、ニュースではビジネスとしては ... [Twitter Thanks Peter!]


    Its a little funny, but thats a pretty retarded defense.

    This gives me a false impression that I can walk through a jungle and be nourished by floating unexplained junk food...

    ...I hate the unrealistic nature of video games

    *runs to the corner*

      I hate the realistic nature of reality, we should be able to find strange floating jungle junk food.

    honestly it just looks like crap like a crappy fan made thing in 30min

    This game looked promising, then I saw they ripped out Stealth...ok, then I saw they ripped out single player (mostly)...ok, Monster Hunter monsters...I guess I can just play that after the main mode...Doritos AW FUCK NAH.

    What the hell? Product or brand placement should be used to ENHANCE the experience. ie reflect a level of realism shown in the real world. An example is Sega's Crazy Taxi or Shenmue games. They both had product/brand placement but it was used properly and actually added to the game.

    Dorito's or a can of Pepsi in a jungle? Get out, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

      So true.
      If this was used as fun unlockables then fine.

      But having it in a proper game in the junle no less makes it comical.

      You made a good point with Crazy Taxi which was packed with advertising, but in that scenario it worked perfect.

      It's Metal Gear, not reality. The idea of Ape Escape monkeys in the jungle, giant genetically engineered clones made from a super soldier in virtual reality, people made from bees, or flamenco-dancing bisexual vampire Romanians aren't particulary endearing to imagining the world to be anything but fictitious.

      I don't really get the issue with product placement. I'm yet to be influenced in any but a negative way by corporate advertising, so all it means is more money for one of my favourite producers and exposure for one of my favourite game series. As well as detailed textures.

      And to the other folks who think it ruins the artistic vision of the series - I doubt porno mags, a guard with continual indigestion problems, and radio conversations about random crap are not particulary in line with your idea of the artistic and/or philosophical merit of the games.

      I do feel sorry for the journalists who had to sit through a massive ad session, though.

    "If there’s no surprise or freshness, then I’ll stop the tie-ins."
    Fresh as in how when you slam down an ice-cold Pepsi Max, you're instantly re-freshed (see what I did there) even though it may be a 40 degree day in Summer?
    Pepsi Max!
    Get some!
    [Insert montage of young, attractive people at the beach looking both young and attractive (simultaneously, too) here]

    And dear god, that Pepsi can is as big as his head.

    Obviously you guys need to 'get out of the house' and walk in the bush a little more... its fucking packed with junk food litter. Expecially in the places where you go and think: "Wow, I would never even THINK of taking much less consuming, some Doritos/Mountain Dew/Pepsi"

    I think this would all be ok if only there were "Keep Costa Rica Beautiful" bins built into the game for littering NPCs to ignore. All the more reason for Snake to get Chuck Norris on they azzes.

    This is stupid. Luckily Im not really interested in the PSP and I will be giving it a miss. However this would all change if we got the Peace Walker PSP bundle .... but ofcourse Australia sucks like that.

    Laughing so much at everybody saying shit about this. Have you ever played a MGS game?

    Anybody who has actually bothered to find all the secrets in previous MGS games will know that Kojima likes to place weird items in his games.

    It's not like Doritos and Mountain Dew will be your main source of energy throughout the entire game. They are novelty items you might come across once or twice, hence the reason they will be "surprising".

    Yes, when you post 4 static images showing the products next to eachother, COMPLETELY out of context, its not going to seem right.

    Seriously, you think Kojima is just going to throw a bunch of products in to his game because he wants money?

    Way to make an issue out of a running series gag.

    This game is looking really nice, all those whacky secrets, product placements and cross-overs only add to my interest of the game.

    You know... I might even consider upgrading my phat PSP-1000 to a 3000 just for this game. Pity that the Spirited Green pack is US only atm as I would of loved that Green PSP.

    This is going to be UNREAL. looks like there's going to be much hilariousness aswell.

    And to the haters, u obviously havent been around much for mgs. There has been lots of examples of this kindof weirdness, it helps to lighten the otherwise quite serious tone of the events in the game world.

    I have every confidence that this is going to be a steller game, same can't be said for rising, not even Kojima is convinced, so why should I be?

    If he really wanted to surprise people, why not have Snake die in the first five minutes, and then turn it into a hack and slash game where the player controls Lion-O on a quest to stop Mumm-Ra from taking control of Metal Gear.

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