Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Scores Famitsu's Latest 40/40

Japanese game magazine Famitsu has weighed in the latest Metal Gear Solid adventure, welcoming the new PlayStation Portable into the coveted ranks of game's bearing the publication's highest mark. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has been rated 40/40.

The latest Metal Gear game from Hideo Kojima and crew is the first game of 2010 to bear the Japanese magazine's highest accolade, the first since Famitsu gave New Super Mario Bros Wii the same score. Not surprising, considering that Famitsu liked Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots enough to grant it a 40 out of 40 and enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence exactly one point less.

Kojima Productions' PSP game hits Japan next week and we'll see how the gaming public there warms to it not long after. North America and Europe will be enjoying the perfection of Peace Walker in June, so that we may judge it for ourselves.


    God dammit... You win this round Sony, looks like I'm buying myself a PSP!

    40/40 from Famitsu used to mean your game was an amazing, genre defining, platform moving achievement. Now it means 4 people got some good swag and didn't dislike it.

      yeah its pretty sad how famitsu 40 ratings used to be the best indication of how awesome the game is
      now they just hand them out like candy

    I may have to dust off my PSP for this little game.

    I'm just not a big hand-held gamer - but i really do like my PSP. It has so much potential to be even more successful than what it is. Pity people just go for cheap plastic crap like a DS - as do developers.

    Famitsu are advertised in the game

    They Give it a perfect score.

    Wow, what a surprise

    could it be that there are just more of those well made games than in the past?... and that critics need to bring in higher standards?
    sort of like car safety ANCAP ratings, now practically all cars are 5 stars...

    would be interesting to see if the game lives up to the good reviews - and what portability and team play brings to the series

      But a safety standard is a safety standard, if a car has 5 stars in safety, then it's a physically safe car. Period. You can't realistically go overboard on a civilian car unless you drive an armoured Humvee.

      A gamer score is an arbitrary number used to gauge the quality of a game. And that arbitrary number has seemingly meant less over the years.

    A list of 40/40 and 39/40 games:

    14 perfects: 1 so far in 2010, 4 in 2009, 3 in 2008, no more than 1 per year for any previous year back to the first in 1998.

      yeah, that sucks. they seem to have dropped the ball. But the review said they got a good 30-40 hours to clear the story, and considering subsistence got a 39, mgs2 a 38 and mgs4 a 40, i'd say this is gonna be a pretty damn awesome game. Though i do wish famitsu giving a 40 goes back to being the unattainable score.

    Having played FFXIII, I'm a little disenclined to trust their perfect ratings.

    How does Famitsu have any sort of credibility after this recent surge in perfect scores for games which are either less-than-perfect or downright bad?

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