Microsoft: Browsing Web On TV A ‘Poor Experience,’ On PS3 It’s ‘a Nightmare’

Microsoft: Browsing Web On TV A ‘Poor Experience,’ On PS3 It’s ‘a Nightmare’

In a recent interview Microsoft’s director of product management was asked why there was no browser on the Xbox 360, and if one will ever be made available. Don’t bet on it anytime soon.

According to an interview with Inside-Games, translated by Sankaku Complex, Aaron Greenberg said:

We really believe that the web browsing experience on TV is a poor one, and the real magic is to take those web experiences and optimise them for the living room. That’s what we did with Netflix. So, sure, you can go on the PS3 and go to Facebook and and try to navigate, but it’s an absolute nightmare.

No disrespect, there’s things I love about the PS3, but that’s not one of them. We want the online experience to be fun and optimised for the living room, and we’ll continue to add more applications to get more richness.

Though Greenberg’s candour might be a little much, it’s hard to disagree. Even with a chatpad I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve used my PS3 browser.

Then again, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used my 360’s Facebook or Twitter functionality.

Microsoft: ‘No Web Browser on the 360!” [Sankaku Complex, which has some NSFWish images all over its site. Thanks to Manly_McBeeferton.]


    • Wow, nice flawed arguement you have there.

      Shop 1 has a shiny new turd it just pinched off into its flashy new bucket. It might be a turd, but at least you have the option of scoffing if down.

      Shop 2 stocks turd free buckets.

    • Hahaha! that makes no sense!

      There IS a choice with the Xbox 360! Therefore making the only choices:
      – a PC-based browser slapped onto the interface (ps3); or
      – a modified, controller friendly, version, where you don’t have to drag a cursor from one side of the screen to the other. (360)

      Sure, you may not be able to browse WHATEVER site you want on the 360, but microsoft actually gets feedback based on its customers and builds (i.e. facebook and twitter). If you’re not happy with something on the ps3, expect to be waiting a while.

      • All sony have done is just shove a browser on the XMB – so they can keep their customers occupied with the net without having to do any work on it

        • Well if you got up to pull those things out of your computer, then you may as well have used your computer.

          Not to mention putting them back…

  • i rarely use an internet browser on anything besides a PC

    Anyway, both the PS3 and 360 are gaming machines, why care?

  • The internet browser really is a by-product of Sony’s fixation on calling the PS3 a “media hub” at launch, how did that work out for them anyway?. I still only regard it as the second most useless feature on a PS3 however, the first being Home. I’ve only used it a few times to watch some late night YouTube videos when I’m too lazy to get out of bed.

  • If the PS3 had a browser that was quicker, and crashed less, I would probably use it.

    I mean, Firefox running on Linux on the PS3 ran way better then the PS3 browser – even with limited system access. Why is that?

  • I wouldnt say i prefer it over the PC but i use the inbuilt browser quite freqently when just before i switch off the PS3 for the night the check the weather, cbb flicking through the newspaper or switching on the PC.

    Also i use the keyboard and mouse btw, i think what greenberg is talking abt is using the PS3 controller to navigate (which is horrible to say the least)

  • i use the ps3 browser often. it is slow and buggy, but i’ve become quite proficient at browsing with a dualshock 3 and don’t find it that cumbersome at all.

  • Well I’d say there’s a substantial number of us that have a PS3/360 plugged into a computer monitor that we sit about 30cm away from, considering I can use a keyboard and mouse, it’s far from an absolute nightmare. I’ve also sold PS3s to plenty of people that don’t have PCs and the PS3 browser is their only access to the internet.

  • for the last 4 months i’ve done all my web browsing on my TV, though i’ve never used my PS3 web browser, i’ve got my PC running through the TV. I’m thinking what he meant was that navigating with a control pad sucks.

  • I always found the browser competent. Not perfect. But it kept me occupied while my PC was in repair for a week last year. I had no idea the 360 lacks one. That’s kind of silly. Even the Wii has one.

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