Microsoft Going After British Control Pad Company

Microsoft is taking a British peripheral manufacturer to court, alleging that the company - Datel - has "illegally copied" the publisher's own Xbox 360 control pad designs.

The case centres around two of Datel's third-party Xbox 360 control pads, the TurboFire and WildFire, which Microsoft claim infringe upon a "number" of patents governing its own, first-party peripherals.

It's unclear what, exactly, Datel is alleged to have ripped off, but you can see the TurboFire controller above and the official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller below. They don't exactly look alike, so the case must be focused on how the pads connect to the 360, something Microsoft has been notoriously protective of over the years.

Microsoft sues UK game controller maker [Reuters]


    Microsoft get effed .... big "who cares" !!! it's not like they need anymore money!

      yer because im sure their investors would love them not needing any more money

      You need to be able to protect your work. If Datel were stupid enough to try and steal original work from MS, than they should expect to be sued.

        Because it's not like MS has ever stole original work from anyone else..

        *Cell processor designs used to base the Xenon*

    Fracture you are a complete jockey, this isn't about money, its about intellectual copyright on design, if they let people copy that without repercussion then the market will get flooded with generic crap that looks like their product. So I care, Microsoft should certainly care, and I’m sure any other top 100 company WOULD also care as well. Including Apple, Sony, Nintendo and any other games manufacturer.

    OH NO.. they totally DON'T look alike now do they!!!!

    I agree though, who cares?! I think if its got to do with connecting to the Xbox, fair enough, but if its based on the look of the controller etc... then get over it!!!

    from those pictures, its fairly obvious that Datel is going to be reemed in the lawsuit

      MS probably has a point if they're talking about the controller silhouette, which is clearly an MS trademark. But MS should be careful here, they could well open a can of worms or even whoop-ass.

    Jonathan Betten your completely wrong I don't ride horses! completely WRONG!

    with comebacks like that I can see why.

    Jonathan .. get EFFED.

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