Microsoft Hasn’t Given Up On The Halo Movie

Microsoft Hasn’t Given Up On The Halo Movie

Once upon a time, Microsoft was going to make a big budget Hollywood version of the Halo franchise. Until it spectacularly fell apart. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen, says the company.

Back in 2005, a film version of Halo was first penned by Alex Garland, writer of The Beach novel and 28 Days Later screenplay, and it was slated to be released by 20th Century Fox. Acting as producer Peter Jackson and his WETA studio began making props for the Halo film. And filmmaker Neill Blomkamp began making Halo short films for Microsoft.

But by 2007, it seemed that the project has stalled and wasn’t going to happen, and the director said the project was “entirely dead”. Bloomkamp and Jackson went on to create sci-fi flick District 9. Blomkamp told MTV in mid 2009 that he “spent five months working on it [the Halo film] , like, 24 hours a day” only to have “the rug pulled out from underneath” him. That’s one of the reasons it will be “difficult” to revisit that Halo movie, at least in its current incarnation, particularly on top of the “politics” involved.

When the Halo movie didn’t happen, the game Peter Jackson was going to develop also ended up collapsing. The entire situation seemed to have left a bitter taste in the mouths of those involved. Former Microsoft exec Peter Moore told Kotaku that he was “pissed” that the Halo movie broke down. When asked why Microsoft didn’t just finance the film itself, Moore replied, “You can’t make games and make movies. It’s not our business.”

At a recent conference, Frank O’Connor from Microsoft’s Halo branch, 343 Industries, said they were going to make a movie “when the time is right”. Continuing, O’Connor added, “We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic.”

There have been rumours that Steven Spielberg has been in talks to oversee the production of a new Halo film.

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  • Wow i didn’t know the 24 Days Later guy wrote a screeplay… kinda glad that concept fell apart.

    It’s funny how they say “we can’t make games and movies” when they don’t really make games. They publish them. And just proves that they just want the money from the movie but cbf doing anything else except sell the rights to a movie. Not hating on MS – but totally true.

    I dunno whether i want Steven producing it anyway – i mean i don’t want it to become a Transformers set in the Future. His directing is much better than his producing. Its merely him putting his name on something half the time.

    I would love to see James Cameron have a major role in a Halo movie – some may say GET OVER AVATR (cause its so popular, not because it really is a terrific film) – but i don’t see that happening. He really did something WOWZA with the Special Effects and CGI in Avatar – and for me, i would wanna see Halo and the Covenant in CGI, like in Avatar, rather than in make up and costumes.

    Whoever is attached is gonna please some but anger some more – but until then its all opinions and speculation.

  • A Halo movie would rock! and I would love to see the project come to fruition!

    With Spielberg or Jackson I’m guessing it would probably be done in 3D, only they’d do a proper job of it (unlike the dodgey 3D in Clash of the Titans).


  • Having seen the promotional shorts, Microsoft totally blew this one. Jackson and Blomkamp were the Halo movie’s best chance at being a quality piece of cinema. We’ll almost certainly get an over glossy piece of dross now.

  • Sure, I want the movie to happen, but Spielberg? No, I can’t see it. He’s for pure darkness, then feelgoodery, but that just isn’t Halo. It always skirts the dividing lines.

    Get the guys who made that live action clip awhile ago to do it.

    • WOW ur theory totally makes sense…

      You are probably confused… but Bungie themselves made that film. Obviously with the help of a film crew etc… but they created the idea i believe. Used props from that P.Jackson short clip & stuff and made some more etc…

      BUT the reason why Bungie is leaving Halo games and from MS is to make the Halo movie… HAS TO BE! After Reach its Halo film full speed ahead.

      IDEA: J. J. Abrams totally nailed Star Trek – Cloverfield was also a masterpiece IMO. He could do wonders for Halo.

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