Microsoft: One Million Australians (And Kiwis) Now Served

Microsoft: One Million Australians (And Kiwis) Now Served

Microsoft: One Million Australians (And Kiwis) Now ServedMicrosoft dropped us a line this morning to let us know they’ve just reached a major milestone. They’ve now sold one million Xbox 360 consoles across Australia and New Zealand.

That makes it the second console this generation to hit the million sales mark in this territory. The other one being, of course, Nintendo’s Wii, which is closing in on two million.

Xbox regional director David McLean noted that over half of those consoles are in the hands of paying Xbox Live subscribers, thus generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year:

“Reaching the one million console milestone is a great achievement and one that puts us in a great position for the coming year,” said McLean.

“Since 2006, we’ve taken the lead in the innovation space and driven the growth in online entertainment. Our online community, Xbox LIVE, is one of the largest online communities in the ANZ region with more than 525,000 subscribers.”

The Xbox 360 has now sold around a third more than the original Xbox.


  • I am actually an xbox fanboy but i will say it first. Take a look at the Kotaku census and minus from this milestone the number of people that had RROD and then purchased a new one… Shame to put a negative spin on this but i doubt these figures take into account the number of people who bought two of them (due to RROD or banning).
    Either way, its money in M$’s pocket so congrats i guess.

    • Agree 100%. I’ve bought 7 (that’s SEVEN) X360’s in total, 6 were returned to store within 30 days with RROD. The second one actually had smoke coming out of the back fans – try explaining THAT to a call centre operator in India!
      So 7 sales to me – I guess at an average 42% failure rate that means there could be up to 580,000 woking X360’s out there …

  • How many of those sales are merely people replacing a dead unit?

    It will be very interesting to see what the lifespan of the 360 will be. I hazard a guess that unless Microsoft wakes up and gives the 360 console an overhaul (inbuilt wireless please!) then the war against the PS3 will pan out exactly the same as the PS2 v original Xbox race.

  • I wonder how many of the million were replacements purchased for RROD machines.

    and in saying that I know they were handing out replacement Xboxs in some cases was that counted as a sale?

    Not that I don’t enjoy my 360, just curious how much is spin

  • and I wonder how many out of the million are replacement consoles when people get the shits with microsofts poor customer service and just go buy a new one? I know I’ve been through 4..

  • Yeah id really consider swapping over to console gaming if they had dedicated servers, or even a better matchmaking algorithm. Im sick of it putting me in games with Americans or Europeans.

    • Yes. XBL match making is still utterly worthless. Thanks for making me pay for the privilege to play privately and turning my console into the biggest case of nagware since RealPlayer the second my Gold sub expires.

  • I wonder how many PS3 consoles have been sold then? I always thought a lot more people in Australia had PS3’s and 360’s for some reason. Seems most of my friends have PS3’s and Wii’s, not 360’s.

    • Last we heard from Sony, they had sold 646,000 PS3s in Australia alone as of January this year. I’d guess they’re now somewhere between 750,000-800,000 across Australia and NZ.

  • My Xbox 360 got a E74 Error & I got it repaired & sent back with 2 weeks for Free & it was out of Warranty & they sent me a 1 month Xbox live Subscription to make up for it so that was pretty good even though I didn’t need it. Plus I also have 2 Xbox 360s as well one of them is a Lady Gaga Xbox 360 & it looks awesome.

  • Noting the increase over the origional xbox… hasn’t this cycle gone on longer that the last? isn’t it natural that given the longer timeframe, they would have sold more units?

  • To all those asking about “How many are RROD replacements”; there are over 500,000 Xbox Live accounts in our region. So, we can assume at there are at LEAST that many working XBoxes. And considering the number of people with an Xbox and without an XBL account, I’d say the 1,000,000 accounts for RROD replacements.

    However, I’d say the success of a console should be rated by, or at least take into consideration, the number of games purchased for it, rather than just the number of consoles sold.

    • Decent Games! the amount of rubbish games is enormous!

      A console success should be measured by Sales, People CURRENTLY ONLINE, its life span, Reliability

      Also i think the community should be a part as well.

  • It’s about time didn’t the Wii get this many about 3 years ago, come on microsoft you had a year head start………..what are you doing?

    Also three of them are mine because of RROD

  • Am I right in believing that the Original Xbox actually did rather well here compared to other territories, or was it just my friends?

    90% of the people I knew that played games had an Xbox (we had some epic Halo 2 lans back in the day!)

  • I’m up to a grand total of five new units purchased, some due to console failure, some to burglary, and some due to needing to split when a housemate moves out.

    Not really a point in there, but I guess I wanted to flop mine out along with everyone else.

  • Well I have 2 360’s, and I have 3 other friends with 2 360’s each, mostly for ..other.. reasons not RROD, and funnily enough all of us still bought another 360 instead of crossing to the dark side. All jokes aside, live is awesome, being able to chat/text since the start, achievements on EVERY game, MORE exclusive games we could never turn our backs on the beauty that is xbox.

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