Modern Legal Warfare Court Documents Got That Boom Boom Pow

We know court documents aren't generally very entertaining, but the Activision Cross-Complaint against Infinity Ward's West and Zampella is so three-thousand and eight, while others are two-thousand and late.

Yes, this very well might be the only video game lawsuit court document containing a quote from a Black-Eyed Peas song, and for that, we are grateful. Both Crecente and I are going to have the baseline for Boom Boom Pow stuck in our heads all weekend. Can we sue for that?

For the whole sordid story on the Activision/Infinity Ward breakup, read Crecente's full accounting, posted earlier today. To try and copy Activision's legal swagger, check out the full court document below, paying special attention to page 12.


    Wait...What just happened?

      Wait, What?

    I think you mean pay attention to page 11 - which happens to be the twelfth scanned page (the 'first' page is not numbered, the 'second' is numbered 1, etc).

    Wait, so Activision wanted to pay IW employees but it was West and Zampella wouldn't let them?

      That's certainly an interesting spin on it. The big bad IW men don't want their friends to have the money, but kind old Activision are standing up for their rights! I hope the court sees right through that bullshit.

      That is interesting if true. Activision might not be 100% in the wrong.

    could be true, if i got tens of millions of dollars in one payout (and still wanted to work) I would want to get out from under Activision and start my own company, and take the rest of the IW crew with me. The fans would follow the IW crew, not Activision.

    Of course Activision should be responible to the fact that people want out as soon as possible. Im guessing not a happy and fulfilling place to work.

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