Modern Warfare 2 Guest Stars On Family Guy

This week's episode of animated comedy series Family Guy ends with a special treat: a cameo appearance from Modern Warfare 2, along with the game's community manager.

In case you miss it, the guy killing Peter straight away is FourZeroTwo, otherwise known as Robert Bowling, the "public face" of the Modern Warfare series and a member of developers Infinity Ward.

It's not that funny, nor as an advertisement is it that subtle, but hey, it must be nice for Infinity Ward to get something out in the public eye that doesn't involve messy lawsuits.


    The car blowing up wouldn't kill them in a normal team death match - it would only work in hardcore and when he does that it is in a different game to the previous part - look at the score

      Yes it does...try standing next to an exploding car in any mode.

    wow, i know its not supposed to be that funny, but how the hell do people watch this show?
    there will never be an animated series as funny as the simpsons first 6 years (the rest suck)

      I know what you mean.

      People watch family guy because overall it's funny. I seriously hope you don't dismiss every animated comedy just because you don't think it'll live up to the simpsons.

        The thing about Family Guy is it has a dependence on pop-culture references and being late to the party on recent fads or popular things "the kids are into" in lieu of clever writing or sharp comedy.

        Essentially, Family Guy is one of those shows that says "Remember this from the 80s?" for the joke. Hence cameos from Transformers or whatever.

          I totally agree with that, the show goes from sex and fart comedy that appeals to the young teenage market to pop culture references that none of them will understand, but will laugh at and pretend they get.

          I personally quite like the way South Park has managed to grow up with its audience and now is probably the best at parodying popular culture with episodes coming out literally days after a significant event in the media.

        I was a simpsons fan for many a year until, and I resisted family guy for a long time because of that.

        But When I got into family guy, I discovered a show that was a much more funny variety of the same thing.

        Sure, Family guy isn't always funny... Just like the Simpsons it can be hit and miss, but I've laughed far more from family guy episodes that I have from simpson's episodes. I guess each to their own though...

        Why don't you just watch both?

    That was pretty awful. Family Guy really did fall fast. Gotta hand it to the Simpsons for making their good stretch last a good few seasons.

    South Park?

    How the hell do people watch *insert popular television series* when I think it's terrible! Shenanigans!

    Xbox and MW2 in the same breath, hmm nothing weird *cough* paid *cough* about it

    Family Guy is at least usually somewhat topical..

    What was this just a simple product placement?

    And so Family Guy keeps on sliding...

    It's a shame too, because I thoroughly enjoyed the first few seasons of this show, but now it's all pop culture and shock gags

    The 'point' of this episode was Peter buying his kids' love.

    I still love Family Guy. Take that, naysayers!

    Y'all should check out "Archer".

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