Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Pricing Doesn't Bother 2.5 Million Xbox 360 Owners

Activision and Microsoft are exploding with joy over the performance of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 "Stimulus Package" map pack, proclaiming today that the downloadable add-on "shattered Xbox LIVE records" to the tune of 2.5 million sold.

One million of those purchases and downloads occurred within the first 24 hours, according to a statement from Activision. In dollar terms, that's over $US37 million USD in revenue in the map pack's first week on the market, a clear sign that 2.5 million people quickly came to grips with the Stimulus Package pricing.

Keep in mind that's just one week on a single platform, as Microsoft locked down the Modern Warfare 2 map pack as a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. We're sure Activision will be further swimming in it when the Stimulus Package goes wider and the next collection of downloadable content comes to Call of Duty fans.


    Compared to the number of people who own the game though, it's probably a small percentage.

    Activision claim 14 million copies sold as of March 16th. Obviously this is total figures, whereas the map pack is Xbox only at the moment.

    of course Activision will get plenty of sales from this map pack.

    imho its simply because of the vast number of ppl that bought this game they will naturally get alot of ppl buying it.

    i think the important thing here is not how many ppl buy it, but how much lost revenue they have because the dlc is priced to high

      I agree with the last statement. If they had priced it at 800MSP, they probably would've doubled those figures. But Activision will be laughing their $37 mil all the way to the bank regardless.

    will be a good test as to the intelligence of Playstation owners...

    My prediction is it won't reach anywhere near those numbers on PSN.

      I keep my games, so still have it... haven't played it since I finished it back whenever last year... Maybe one day I'll finish Spec Ops...

      Spent way more time in Battlefield and the only way I'd pick it up if it was free, and even then I don't know if I want to waste my HDD...

      MW2 is the number one selling PS3 game, but a couple of mil.

      I agree that it probably wont sell as well but I'd say its for different reasons. PSN users don't need to know how to buy things off the PSN, so there's probably a big chunk of MW2 PS3 players who have never paid for anything on PSN (I can think of at least two friends who wouldn't even know where to start).
      XBOX 360 users are pretty much forced to know how XBL purchases work. If you're playing MW2 on the 360 you know how to get points (odds are they can buy it without even getting their wallets out).

      But at the end of the day intelligence doesn't really come into the equation. If you're playing MW2 online you can either spend 1200 points or constantly get kicked between matches for not having the map. That's why I'm hoping EA sticks with this 'VIP' system. Drives down used game prices, keeps everyone in sync and allows them to take a slice of the used game market profit.

      That is such a ridiculously generalised statement.

      You can't say that the average PS owner is more or less smarter than the average XBox360 owner.

      Therefore, I would say that the ratio of original copies sold and DLC copies sold will be fairly similar across all platforms. Only time will tell though...

        *smart :P (ha!)

          his point is that on the PS3 you arent really required to buy DLC so for some people it will be more effort than its worth

          B) the numbers wont be the same percentages probably

          C) i doubt it will sell well on PC

          i attribute 2.5mil sales to the fact that 360 people dont know any better(and activision know this)

    Jerry Holkins (Tycho of Penny Arcade) said it best I think: Desire warps price expectations.

    Those people wanted the map pack more than the money they spent on it, seems pretty simple to me. Just look at the millions of WoW players, myself included, dropping US$16 every month. I'll be up to five years next month, minus the three months I left in '08.

    That $16 is good value in my eyes, if I take my girlfriend to the movies that's over $50 after a visit to the snack counter – for 2-3 hours of entertainment.

      Oh hilarious. You play WoW and expect us to believe you have a girlfriend? Haha, well played sir.

    Probably the same people who boycotted the game in the first place.

    Of course it sold that much. People are sheep.

      Hmmmm. most people are complaining about the cost of this and NOT buying it, fair enough. I bought it despite the cost....nobody influenced me and against the general feeling of most gamers. My money, so bascially i am no sheep and what i do with my $'s is none of your f&$#ing business....good or bad!

    Dont get me wrong I want the maps but im willing to wait untill they come down in price before i get them. Battlefield will keep me company untill then :)

    Nice precedent you set there, idiots!

    Expect the same price for equally lame DLC packages for all Activision games, and probably most other games, soon.

    I won't be buying it, but I think its a good deal considering the amount of play time people will get from it, its certainly a better ratio of playtime to money spent than most DLC, if not all.

    You could argue it a lot of ways. On one hand you have a measily amount of content for quite a high pricing point. On the other you have new content for a franchise that has established itself as a platform in itself and you'll be getting an insane amount of play time for the money spent.

    eh the price doesn't really put me off as much as the principle of DLC in the first place. If your gonna release a game for gods sake release all of it, don't make us pay 100$ for some incomplete game.
    Look at all this zero day DLC just another way for EA and Activision to rip off gamers.

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