Modern Warfare 2 Platformer Shows Breach-and-Clear In 2D

Hey, if Modern Warfare 3 falls hopelessly behind schedule as Infinity Ward crumbles, maybe Activision can go this route instead. Well, maybe except for the part about this PC game being 100 per cent free.

I suppose a spoiler alert is in order for some of this, at least the conclusion. Anyway, this platformer was apparently finished last month, but was just now uploaded to YoYo games by user CalbiTheZebra. You can relive your favourite moments from MW2's singleplayer campaign in this 2D sidescroller, which switches from profile view to top-down when in vehicles.

The file is 16MB and can be downloaded at the link.

Call of Duty 6 (2D Remake) [YoYo Games via Hot Blooded Gaming]



      Agreed, awesome.

    lol this game is terrible

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