Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Arrives For PS3, PC In Early May

Modern Warfare 2's five-map, $US15 "Stimulus Package" will arrive for both PS3 and PC in North America on May 4, the game's studio just said via Twitter.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling said Australia and Europe gets the PS3 version of the downloadable content on May 5. The PC release date of May 4 is global.

No word on pricing - ah hell, who are we kidding. This sucker in all likelihood will be $US15, just like the Xbox 360 version. Enjoy.

The Stimulus Package features five maps: Crash, Overgrown, Bailout, Salvage and Storm. Crash and Overgrown are taken from the first Modern Warfare and updated for the sequel. For more info, check out Crecente's review of the DLC on the Xbox 360.


    Yay $15 maps on the PC! Watch that totally sell...

    What would be funny is if the PS3 and PC versions are normal price like other DLC and it was only the 360 that got raped. Okay i own a 360 and "IF" i was to buy this crap i would be pissed off - but i ain't and i won't until it gets some out of this world discount to 400 points.

    It would then show MS and Activision were to blame for the pricing.

    How dare they charge to add maps to a primarily multiplayer game with hardly any maps.. but plenty of glitches.

    I traded this game ages ago, and refuse to play it or any of its sequels until they fix the server issues and glitches.

    DEDICATED, read it twice you rich ass morons! If Bad Company can do it without subscriptions so can you!

    sure last year i would have bought it no hassle, but the pricing and quality of the online is horrendus and boring, IW should cater for the core players and not deliver with some of the noobiest things ive seen in a CoD series, at least theres hope in treyarch, maybe they will stop activision from raping ever single CoD fan on earth.

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