Modern Warfare 3 Being Held Up By Legal Confrontation

The legal stoush between publishers Activision and former Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella isn't just giving us all some entertaining reading. It's also holding up development of Modern Warfare 3.

The court documents surrounding the case, released earlier today, show that one of Activision's main complaints is that West and Zampella's attempts to secede from Activision and form a new "spin-off" studio is "delaying pre-production of Modern Warfare 3", and that this delay is being used as "leverage in their negotiations with Activision".

Regardless of who is left at Infinity Ward by the time the game does enter into production, you can rest assured, Activision is intent on bringing you at least one more Modern Warfare title.


    and nothing of value was lost..

      The MW games are full of value, they distract whiny little fanboys so i cab go off and play far better games.


          You've got to be kidding. Not only are now fanboys arguing which identical game is better on what system, but when I hear it being talked about in public, I shrivel back in my bus seat, my eye twitchs, a rage beggings to brew. They are 9 year old faggots telling eachother they got new mics they can use on cod AND source.


    take it to the next level

    I don't expect MW3 to be made by IW, and thus it won't be the same game. Same genre, maybe, but I doubt the feel will be the same.

    they only delaying it because they want to move on from the modern warfare series

    while acti doesnt want them to so realistically its only activision holding it up

    besides after MW2 they need a new set of devs or its only gonna get more retarded

    well thank crist this lawsuit might give us some breathing space between COD's...

    Uhh, someone actually still thinks MW3 will be good when it's made? I guess optimism reigns eternal

    I hope MW3 is actualy realistic... Stab distance longer than your arms, invulnurable riot sheilds, running like an olympic athlete FOR EVER.... Just a few of the wtf's from MW2

      Glad i'm not the only one pissed off at rushers...

    Oddly, I might be going back to MoH. Won't be buying a CoD game again.

      i'll buy it again just like i have always done but it won't be full price. IMO the whole franchise got blown out of proportion when COD4 came out. the franchise hasn't changed from number 1 (COD 1). it is still an enjoyable adventure but was never what everyone claimed it to be.

      COD 4 was just a nice change in era but wasn't really that different from COD2. it got the hype from maybe 2 unique levels (and a bunch of been there, done thats) wrapped up in a highly polished modern package. but it was still linear and old in the gameplay.

    havent cared for any of them, not going to start now. Hope the guys steal the franchise quite honestly, Activision deserves it.


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