Modern Warfare Stimulus Pack Price Offset By Free Avatar Goggles

So you're upset that you have to pay $US15 for five maps, two of which are old, and that the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package launched broken. You know what'd cheer you up? Free night vision goggles for your avatar!

What? Does this not appease you? Perhaps you didn't understand what I was trying to communicate. Let me clarify. To celebrate the release of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package on Xbox Live, Infinity Ward, Activision, and Microsoft are offering you free avatar night vision goggles. Simply download them from the Avatar Marketplace between now and 12AM Sunday night (Pacific), and you will not have to pay any Microsoft points for them whatsoever.

But wait? You already bought those goggles? Worry not! Microsoft will automatically credit back the purchase cost to your account by May 1.

Everything is okay now, right?


    wen the heel do us on ps3 get the map pac can someone let me know

      About a month from now. Same for PC. Lets hope they release them smoothly next time.

    So what are pc users getting dedis??

    I really don't think people are complaining too much that the map pack has 2 old maps.

    I'm not buying the map pack anyway, the price is one thing. The fact that i don't it anymore is the other.

    But yeah the price is crap! garbage actually. Yet at the same time, Map Packs usually have only 3 maps. Some may argue "well its really 3 maps with 2 old" which is somewhat correct... but the 2 old maps nearly upstage all of MW2s original maps anyway.

    Either way its all a load of crap, but if i bought the pack or just in general, i have nothing bad to say about including old maps in it. Bungie do it, although they change it a bit and pretty much the "old" maps don't look 101% like the old map.

    and what happens if they screw over with the pc and ps3 release what do we get? "sorry for the inconvenience"

    My Facebook avatar of the cookie monster is gonna look funny with night vision goggles on.

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