Moral Kombat Available Everywhere You Watch Movies

There'll be no excuse left for not seeing Specer Halpin's documentary exploration of video game violence, Moral Kombat, as the film will soon be available on every web-enabled device imaginable.

Moral Kombat is a compelling documentary that explores video game violence from both sides of the argument, created in 2007 by Spencer Halpin, the brother of Entertainment Consumer Association president Hal Halpin. The movie, which was available to watch online for free earlier this year, will soon be available from Amazon OnDemand, iTunes, Hulu, Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and Netflix. Considering all three consoles now support Netflix, if you've got a console, you've got Moral Combat.

Spencer himself is overjoyed at the wide release.

"I couldn't be more proud to see the movie gain such amazing support from the industry. It's taken a while to see Moral Kombat distributed the way that I had always hoped, but it's been more than worth the wait. Technology has advanced significantly since the film's inception – and it's interesting to note that it was also the very first feature-length high-definition documentary shot. So it being available for people to watch in so many settings, from viewers experiencing it through a game console, iPhone or laptop… it's just very rewarding as a filmmaker to have your work that readily consumable."

To find out more about Moral Kombat, visit the film's official site, or better yet, watch the damn movie already. You'll learn something.



    "from both sides"? I don't think I could handle 'the other side' and their 'evidence' without raging.

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