More Multiplayer Maps Coming To BioShock 2 This Week

The second dose of BioShock 2 multiplayer downloadable content is coming this Thursday with the Rapture Metro Map Pack, featuring six new maps, two masks, three achievements and a new game mode for fans of blunt objects.

A recent Microsoft update on upcoming downloadable content lists the Rapture Metro Map Pack for release on April 29 with a cost of 800 Microsoft points, which translates into $US9.99 for those not paying in points.

What do you get for $US9.99? Six new maps isn't too shabby, especially when you consider how much other popular multiplayer first-person shooters are charging for a pack of five. I could care less about new masks and achievements, but the new Kill Em' Kindly melee mode has me intrigued. It's all about taking out your frustrations on other players with blunt objects, and I am a big fan of first-person golf club fights.

Look for the new downloadable content to hit this Thursday, and perhaps then we'll get some word of the promised single-player DLC that's in the works.

Thanks A.J. for pointing out the info!


    Is this content also on the disc already and this DLC is just a key to unlock content? Would be surprised if this sold more then 10% of the number of people who own bioshock 2 after that first DLC farce.

      Sounds great. To bad bioshock 2 multiplayer on PC is almost next to impossible to play with the lag

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