More Than Guns Go Bang In Red Dead Redemption

The ESRB's served up a no-surprise M for Red Dead Redemption but enlightens us as to why - drugs, blood and a whole bunch of words Roy Rogers never said to Dale Evans.

Redemption gets the full buffet of mature content: Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs. Here are some highlights from the certificates.

• In one sequence, a bloodied and mutilated corpse can be seen hanging from the rafters of a barn.

• The game contains a scene in which two characters have sex on a table

• There is a brief instance of female nudity.

• One sequence depicts a man injecting himself with a syringe filled with cocaine.

• Language such as "f**k," "c*nt," and 'sh*t" can be heard in the dialogue.

Note, they don't mean "fork," "cent," or "shot."

Red Dead Redemption [ESRB]


    I don't usually talk like this, but... That's some hardcore S**t right there. Isn't Euphoria for battle animations, though?

    What's the bet it gets refused classification in Australia?

      Rockstar has confirmed the version released in Australia will be the same as the version released elsewhere in the world.

        I was going to say the same that i would bet OFLC wouldn't allow it in with all this mature content.....but there you go, allowing this in just shows how inconsistent they are.....or dare i say the rating board isn't so scared to sneak some extra content in with Atkinson out of the way :D

        For sure?

        I bloody hope so! I don't wanna have to order from the UK again.

    does this mean we're going to get a watered down version of the game here in Crapstralia? if so I'll be importing this.

      Gordo, it's not Crapstralia, it's AusFAILia.

    I Swear if our government Bans this game, I'm going to IMPORT my first ever game!

    MA-15+ passed on the 31st of March.!OpenDocument

    and yet left 4 dead 2 gets censored. nothing makes sense anymore.

      Yeah because zombies are real didnt you know. and the wild west is fake so all the content of red dead is fictional haha.
      man our ratings board is so damn inconsistent.

    I hope the drugs aren't the thing that gets this banned, or even censored. The other things didn't seem to be an issue with the GTA DLC.

    Do we know when the OFLC will be looking at it?

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