Motorola BACKFLIP: The Social And Sexy Smartphone

Motorola BACKFLIP: The Social And Sexy Smartphone

Motorola’s popped back up on the smartphone radar in a big way – they’ve just announced that there’ll be no less than 20 new handsets released worldwide this year, and two have just been launched in Australia. One of them is BACKFLIP, and it’s set to give the smartphone market a run for its money.

BACKFLIP has the goods inside and out, with a top-notch list of specs hidden inside a graceful chassis: super-fast 3G, Wi-Fi connectivity, stereo Bluetooth, a 5MP camera with LED flash, aGPS, 2GB memory expandable to 32GB and a high-res, 3.1-inch touchscreen. BACKFLIP also features a QWERTY keyboard with backlight, which is welcome in a market where physical keyboards are fast being overtaken by touchscreen-only phones. You don’t have to be a texting addict to know that there’s a big difference.

Where the handset really comes into its own is in the form factor. As you may have worked out, BACKFLIP backflips into table-top mode, letting you watch videos or view photos with the screen comfortably propped up. The handset also brings a unique BACKTRACK touch panel behind the screen, so you can scroll and have your fingers out of the bloody way.

BACKFLIP runs on a mash-up of MOTOBLUR and Android, which means customisation, customisation, customisation! It also means access to over 20,000 apps on the Android Market, and live streaming of whatever you want straight to the home screen – status updates, emails, Facebook wall posts, news feeds, whatever you like. It also means you’ve run out of excuses for not updating your status often enough…

BACKFLIP and its sister phone DEXT are leading the charge for Motorola in Australia this year, and they’ve partnered up exclusively with Optus to make it happen. Find out more on Optus’ website.

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