Motorola DEXT: Social Networking The Way It Should Be

Motorola DEXT: Social Networking The Way It Should Be

(Probable) Fact: Kotaku readers have bigger social lives online than offline, tweeting, Facestalking, YouTubing, Gmailing and reading Kotaku. Motorola knows who you are and has just released two new smartphones that are as social as you are. This one’s called DEXT.

DEXT packs in all the hardware specs and features we’ve come to expect in Motorola-built phones, including 3G/HSDPA for super-fast connection speeds up to 7.2Mbps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 5MP camera with autofocus, instant video playback in DVD quality, and picture editing and geotagging tools. A high-res, touchscreen display and a sliding QWERTY keyboard will come as good news to the text messagers amongst us, and for the happy snappers, the handsets provide a generous amount of storage expandable to 32GB.

DEXT blends the best of Android’s OS with the MOTOBLUR service, for a user experience that’s fuss-free and innovative. Fuss-free because it automatically syncs your contacts, emails, status updates, photos, news feeds and more in real time; innovative because of its ability to live stream the content you want straight to the multi-layered home screen, for free. Translation: You can update your Twitter status, get news feeds and even reply to Facebook messages without cutting into your data allowance. Smart phone, right?

DEXT is only available from Optus on a range of new plans that understand your desire need to be online 24/7/365. Details are on Optus’ website.

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