Movie Mogul Talks Failed Video Game Movies

Whether it's Doom or Super Mario Bros., video games movies have a bad rep. It's a mostly deserved rep. But Hollywood super producer Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock, Pirates of the Carribean) doesn't think it's so cut and dried.

"It depends on who's involved with it and the approach they took," Bruckheimer told website website Gamasutra. Bruckheimer, one of Hollywood's most successful producers ever, has had a knack for churning out blockbusters. With the Pirates of the Carribean films, he was able to turn a Disney ride into a feature film franchise.

"We used the same skill, as far as storytellers, [for Prince of Persia]that we used on Pirates of the Caribbean," says Bruckheimer. The producer had never played Prince of Persia until the game was pitched to him. Six years passed, and voila! There's a movie.

"It always depends on story and character," says Bruckheimer. "With that, if you can create that, then you've got it. That's what it's about. We're storytellers. That's all we do. The more interesting the story and the characters, and the better the themes, chances are you're going to have a better movie, if you surround yourself with talented people."

Don't blame the movie or video game mediums themselves for failed adaptations. Blame the people who made the films.

Interview: Jerry Bruckheimer on Game Development, Prince of Persia, Why Movie Games Fail [Gamasutra]


    That's why Uwe Boll is universally hated among gamers. We don't blame the medium, we blame the creator.

    This really isn't much of a revelation. Silent Hill could've been fantastic, but the movie studio felt that there needed to be a completely pointless male lead. Resident Evil could've been great, but Paul Anderson was involved. Uwe Boll and etc.

    Wow... a logical person in Hollywood. And here I thought they were mutually exclusive

    The Rock, Pirates... both repellent.


    Definitely not rushing out to see POP.

    I'm curious as to which video game films the author believes don't deserve a bad rep. The handful I have seen have all been damned awful.

    Bruckheimer is about the last person in Hollywood whose opinion I would trust as to what makes a film 'successful'.

      well it depends on how you measure success. whether the movie makes a lot of money or whether the movie is actually good.
      Bruckheimers films generate big $$ regardless of how the critics review them.

      yeah i would say high grossing films are "successful".

    When I saw the super mario movie as a kid I liked it. When I saw the Doom movie I liked it. I never played the Doom games though so maybe that's why I could enjoy the movie because I wasn't comparing it to the games.

      Also just remembered the Resident Evil movies. The first and second where pretty awesome.

    Pirates was good. The sequels BLEW.

    one thing they don't seem to understand is that we don't want to see something new.
    we want to see what we spent 10 hours of our lives on.

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