Naughty Bear Makes Delicious Murder Cake

In the second instalment of The Book of Naughty, our favourite vengeful stuffed animal killer makes his victim a cake as fast as he can.

The latest video in 505 Games' Book of Naughty reinforces my observations from yesterday - this is a slasher film as seen from the eyes of the killer. If this were a movie it would focus on the victim, hearing the machine shut off, and going to investigate, only to have Naughty Bear pop up behind him for the kill. Instead, we get to see the basic planning that goes into Naughty's murderous rampage. It's a psycho killer confidential in video game form.


    I like those chocolate teddy bears. They're the sweet ones, be suspicious of all non chocolate coated bears. I hope the care-bears get a cameo in this game ;)

    I love the beautifully twisted concept of this game, but this clip just seems awfully similar to the first one. Naughty Bear shuts off device, Victim comes to investigate, cue comical demise.

    Formulaic, yes, but that's not to say it still won't be HILARIOUS.

    I guess time will tell.

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