NBA Jam Also Features 80's Basketball Legends

The How They Brought NBA Jam Back From The Dead">new NBA Jam may be set in the present day, but that doesn't mean every player in the game is on a 2010 NBA roster. Two in particular stand out: legends Larry Bird and Earl "Magic" Johnson.

Yes, pitched at those aged 30 and up, the game will include a campaign mode which culminates in a match against Bird & Johnson, who presumably will be playing with their 1980's bodies and skillsets, not those of 2010.

Old-timers like myself will remember that the original NBA Jam let you play as non-ballers like Bill Clinton and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

I don't care if the new one has politicans or not, now I know there's throwback NBA stars, I want some Spud Webb, with a little Horace Grant on the side. Or should that be the other way around...

How They Brought NBA Jam Back From The Dead [Kotaku]


    Yeah they better be careful with how much they mess with the game, it already has very big shoes to fill

    Earl "Magic" Johnson?

    Is that Earvin's cousin?

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