NES Cart Harmonica, Now Conveniently For Sale

About two years ago, a guy posted a how-to for turning old NES cartridges into a harmonica. If you lack the tools, know-how or NES carts to make one yourself, someone's now selling them, for $US24.99.

I don't know if the seller is the same guy, and I'm not saying someone took another's idea. All I am saying is, two years later and fully in the throes of the global recession, harmonicas are definitely a top-trending musical instrument. And everyone who wants to can hum a few bars of of the Top Gun anthem or the Super Mario Bros theme - using those games. And that's awesome.

NES Harmonica [Makers Market, thanks Ryan]


    For those wondering you can also find him on Etsy, and he does do international orders if you put in a request.

    This is win.

    meh, I need something more like a Zelda cartridge with a synth inside it to sound like an Ocarina.

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