Netflix Goes Wide On Wii, Brings 'Baby Geniuses' To 28 Million More People

You may already have a special Netflix disc that will let you stream movies over the internet to your Wii. You may not. As of today, Nintendo says, all systems are go for Netflix video streaming in glorious Wii definition.

Netflix began sending out Wii-specific streaming discs at the end of March, completing the console streaming triumvirate by adding another 28 million consoles to the list of things that stream video content from online and by-mail rental service. Nintendo touts the Wii as the ideal console to play Wii Sports Resort, then watch a movie, then play some table tennis, a very specific pitch.

Nintendo also notes in its release that the "Wii is the only video game system currently available with motion controls, which are included with the system at no extra charge."

If you're a Netflix subscriber with a Wii but without a disc with which to stream Netflix content, grab one here.


    I get the disk is free... but the streaming service isn't...right?

    I find it a bit short sighted that Nintendo say motion controls are included at no extra charge. The plural in 'controls' has me scratching my head. Does Nintendo consider the packed in nunchuck to be a seperate controller to the wiimote with the wii? I'm quite sure I'm out for and extra wiimote at the least if I want two player.

    Also Nintendo have a number of peripherals out for the wii that cost money in order to play the games they are designed for. Of note the motion plus accessory in particular. Splitting hairs much Nintendo?

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