New Fable III Screen Adds A Touch Of Class

Yes, dapper. He's like a cross between the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Piett. For more of our Fable III coverage, click here.



    I need this game!

    It won't live up to it's expectations, but it seems like it might be worth a try; the mechanics look very nice.

      "it's expectations"

      Sorry, but I'm gonna have to correct you there. Those would be *your* expectations. This is why I've been such a big fan of the Fable series since the beginning, I played the games for what they were, not for the check list of features.

    Starting to get a little sick of screenshots from Fable 3, I want to hear about some gameplay.

    Please have Avatar Awards!

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    I won't be fooled a third time.

    That being said, the original was good, too bad about Fable 2.

    Looks good.

    Although the sword is till on the pc's back.
    Ever tried getting a sword off your back, or putting it away? It's a cast iron SOB.

    I'm sorry but there's really only a handful of up and coming games in the forseeable future that in my opinion are worth getting and they are, Diablo 3 PC, Battlefield 3 PC, Gran Turismo 5 ps3 and Red Dead Redemption ps3/xbox 360 everything else is just filler. I have a friend who buys a ton of games on ps3 and thankfully he lets me borrow them and 9 times out of 10 I'll give them a go for about an hour and be like "this is crap" like drakes fortune 2 and dead space, maybe i'm just getting old and cynical after gaming for 25 + years, but as a mature gamer I expect more out of the mediocre shit being pumped out in todays market.


      at least you have a friend though!

      I agree with you. The big companies just pump anything out to boost profit margin they don't care if a game is any good before releasing it

    i agree with you justin roberson,and not everyone has the same expectations,and you also shouldnt play a game to check for a list of features like you said.ive also been a big fan of the fable series and i play games and judge them AS i play and not before it has even come out yet

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