New Ninety-Nine Nights II Screens Aren't So Pretty In Pink

These seven new screenshots from Konami's Ninety-Nine Nights are prime evidence that the words 'pretty' and 'pink' don't always go hand-in-hand.

I was under the impression that developer feelplus was going for a decidedly darker tone than the original Ninety-Nine Nights, yet here we have pictures of a massive, bright pink monster or some sort, brooding his way around the battlefield. Could it be true? Is pink the new black?

I mean, I'm a big fan of the colour pink myself, but there are some applications where it just seems a bit... off. Perhaps it'll all make sense once the game's story comes to light. Maybe that's the pink monster, come to try and brighten their grungy brown and grey world.

Feel free to make up your own story below, in our comments section!


    Here's my story, the developers decided not to be boring and try something differnt...

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