New Old Duke Nukem XBLA Game Gets Rated In Australia

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is an eight year old side-scrolling shooter/platformer for the PC. It’s now getting released on Xbox Live Arcade, according to Australia’s Classification Board website.

We had heard rumours of the unannounced title late last year when 3D Realms’ George Broussard promised a “resurgence” for the Duke. And just over a week ago, it emerged that a game called Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project was classified in Korea.

Now, it’s been confirmed that a game called Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project on the Xbox 360 has been rated M for Animated Violence in Australia. See?

The Board doesn’t distinguish between disc-based Xbox 360 games and downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games, so don’t let that platform notation confuse you. It’s surely coming to XBLA. And, we suspect, it’s coming quite soon.

I never played the original Manhattan Project (pictured). If you did, was it any good?

[Thanks Paul J for the tip!]

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