New Pokémon Games: Pokémon Black & White

New Pokémon Games: Pokémon Black & White

Get ready for new Pokémon games, Pokéfans, as the latest entries in the popular monster-collecting series – Pokemon Black & Pokemon White – have just turned up on the franchise’s Japanese website.

There’s a logo, there’s the names, and… that’s about it! We’ll apparently be learning more come April 15, but even this crumb of information will be enough for rabid fans to live off


  • wii wii wii wii wii wii wii wii yeahhh!!!!!
    I really hope they’ll be the wii version everyone has been waiting for.
    Unfortunately, with two versions on the way, I guess the chances are slim.

    • 70s?
      Is your concept of time reall bad that you cant tell the difference of things 20 years apart?
      Come on, really, are you 8?

  • Black and White? Wow, that was simple. I was wondering where the hell they could go next cuz they didn’t exactly have many precious ores/gems left to name their games after (that are household names that is).

        • They sort of – with emphasis on “sort of” – are in this case. Fire-red. It’s describing the kind of red.

          It’s like saying “ocean-blue” or “pitch-black” for example.

          • The correct term is adjectivals, nouns acting as adjectives to give description, much like “brick wall”, brick itself is a noun, but associated with the type of wall it is.

            Thank you college linguistic classes!

  • *breathes in*

    All jokes aside, I can’t buy Pokemon games anymore. The Pokemon aren’t as good, and the games make you feel bad for not having all Pokemon, including ones you only got by being in Japan in 1999.

    Nintendo really needs to make a way to get ALL Pokemon in new games, even if they have no backwards compatibility with the current ones. That, for instance, would work in a Pokemon MMORPG. Wink wink.

    • YES! YES! YES!

      I have been waiting for a pokemon mmo for ages. There is actually a really dodgy knockoff one.

    • It’s still alive because new kids are watching it and enjoying it. They wont around 10 years ago so Pokemon is still awesome to them.

      • Didn’t they say this was going to be the last Pokemon ‘colour’ game? Or did my brain make that up for snorts an giggles?

  • I will buy it no matter what.
    I’m not a fan of these re-hashes, but I think I would enjoy one that combines all maps from every game, into a super pokemon.

  • It’d be nice to see a 3D RPG version on the Wii (in comparison to the 3D battle arena one on the N64) instead of the inevitable 2D one on the DS…

  • Still waiting on a Pokemon MMO. Tho Im sure thats one of the signs of the coming Apocalyse. It’s in the Bible- somewhere in the back there.

    “And she did Collect Them All. And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH”

    Im sure that’s accurate.

    • the original idia was pokemon ying and yang but that isn’t somthing that saiys alot to americain people so the made it black and white

  • Hopefully we can battle random people over wifi like in pokemon battle revoulution. They should also fix the global trade system and make a dark/steel pokemon! 😀

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