New Portal 2 Concept Art Shows The Anatomy Of An Aperture Science Turret Gun

Ever wonder what the inside of an automated Portal turret looks like? Ever wonder why these things are dumb as a pile of rocks? Concept art from Portal 2 offers insight into both curiosities.

Those lightweight, seemingly infinitely supplied Portal turrets are astoundingly simple in their design. And, as Game Informer's update to the game's concept art shows, they're also incredibly stupid because the gross majority of their inner workings are occupied by bullets.

There's plenty more art where that came from, including a conceptual look at more of the Aperture Science labs and even more turret bots. Please, eyeball them, while we wait for the PC, Mac and Xbox 360 game to ship this fall.

New Portal 2 Concept Art [Game Informer]


    still gutted bout no PS3 port. I know that i can still pick it up on PC, but offline co-op would've been much better than just online coop

      Maybe if every one of us who demands a ps3 port lights a single candle, it'll melt Valve's cold black hearts and at least convince them to give EA the ability to make an "Ugly step child" port.

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