New Star Wars: Battlefront Game Binned As Developers Laid Off

New Star Wars: Battlefront Game Binned As Developers Laid Off

Bad news, Battlefront fans: a new entry in the series, in development at SOCOM: Confrontation developers Slant Six, has been canned, and a number of staff at the studio laid off as a result.

Slant Six managing director Brian Thalken told GameSpot “Our current project needs do not align with our current staffing levels”, and confirmed that an undisclosed number of developers had been “temporarily” laid off, in the hopes that they can be re-hired once the studio’s workload is able to support them.

The changes in “project needs” prompting the layoffs are, according to sources close to the studio, the result of Battlefront Online being cancelled by publisher Lucasarts. Apparently Lucasarts has a “stacked 2011 schedule” when it comes to Star Wars games, and wanted Battlefront Online out in 2010 to avoid this crunch. When it became clear last month that the game wasn’t going to make a 2010 release, Lucasarts put the project “on ice”.

So, the game comes and goes without us even getting an official look at it. A pity, but then since so many of you were cautious at the choice of developer for the game, it may not be such a bad thing after all.


  • Given that it’s 2010 now, wouldn’t a large portion of the work already be done?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to complete the game and delay release?

    • I think by “stacked” they mean that 2011 is when The Old Republic MMO comes out along with god knows how many Star Wars themed games.

  • I wasn’t even aware it was still being made, but this is still sad news. I want a new battlefront game for a console! With that ship-ground feature in it.

    Sure, though, it has to be good. But I’m a sucker for Battlefront, I’d buy it anyway 😛

  • I just don’t understand how LucasArts wouldn’t sacrifice other Star Wars titles to make way for a new Battlefront – they’re easily among the best SW games, and certainly better than anything in the franchise this entire generation. All we’ve seen since SWBF2 have been half-arsed rubbish like Force Unleashed and the fun-but-shallow Lego games…

    I know most of the big publishers like to cram out the shovelware because its profitable, but I was under the impression that the SWBF games were top sellers? Combined with the fact that online team-based shooters are a huge market at the moment, I just don’t get this move at all…

    • I don’t know about BF being the best Star Wars games (though that’s a matter of opinion); but they are the most successful games. The only game they’ve had that has out-sold it *is* Force Unleashed. So I suppose they don’t want their two major successes competing with each other or is TFU2 expected out this year.

      There’s also their new MMO the Old Republic which is due out 2011. Maybe they don’t want to online focused games butting heads?

      Either way – I’m annoyed that a next gen BF has been canned again.

  • I have never really liked the Battlefront games, I love Star Wars/Games but not Battlefront. I have no idea why; This won’t affect me so its OK. I hope Lucas has other aces up their sleeve.

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