New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer Introduces Rock Mario

What new flavour of mushroom does Super Mario Galaxy 2 offer? The delectable rock 'shroom, which gives Mario the ability to turn himself into a boulder and bowl over Bowser's minions. That just one of many power-ups highlighted in this new trailer.

The familiar Super Mario Bros staples - Fire Flowers, Starman - join the most recent Super Mario Galaxy super powers, including the ability to become Bee Mario and Ghost Mario, in this new gameplay video, as does one more new skill. That one is for the ever reliable Yoshi, who can now chow down on bulb berries and light platforms previously unseen.

It's the fireball effects on that giant snow Bowser, however, that has me most excited to return to Super Mario Galaxy. The sequel hits North American Wiis on May 23.


    Does anyone know the concrete AU release date?

      It's just "June" at this stage.

    Oh my word.

    Mario is now a pokemon....


    Man, the music is epic. Super keen for more Mario in space-ace-ace.

    Super Mario Galaxy was a real time-sink for me, absolutely brilliant from start to finish, so I'm really looking forward to this!

    When did they dump Kirby and give Mario his powers?

    Looks as awesome as the first, and good to see that have added in all the old powers as well.

    Wow - so the power-ups other than the Bee Suit will actually have a point this time??

      Did you even play the first one?

    Wild Golem Appeared!

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