New Word For The Day: Scrotality

Scrotality: name of the Achievement awarded to players of this month's upcoming Dead To Rights: Retribution should they make the game's playable dog chomp a bad guy's groin.

I committed this manoeuvre - in the game! - this morning. It's some frightful business. As is Shadow's ability to rip a guy's throat out when he stealth-kills them, you know, so he can't scream for help.

Scrotality... can we all at least agree not to add this word to Scrabble?

(Image above is not a scrotality, but it is the Dead To Rights dog making a kill, just in case that wasn't clear.)


    Sweet, but wait, here comes the OFLC and their banhammer.

    So amped for this game, love the series and have been itching for this

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