Next Call Of Duty Game Named, And It's Not Vietnam

Looks like that VentureBeat report wasn't quite on the mark, as the next Call of Duty game now has a name, and it's not Vietnam. It's Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The game's website has accidentally gone live, and while no content can be accessed, there's a big logo sitting there for you to stare at.

The "Black Ops" name certainly falls in line with our earlier guesswork, which was that the game's action encompasses much more than Vietnam, taking you on a tour of various Cold War hotspots. Or... it could just be a Black Ops team in Vietnam. We don't know, and won't know until later tonight when the game is officially revealed.

That giant date seems to suggest the game will be out on November 9.


    Why are you all posting here? I thought all you CoD Die Hards would be playing CoD.

    Like this guy:

    Why are you all here, posting, instead of actually playing the game like this guy:

    Except... we don't know for sure that any part of it is in Vietnam. Sure, it's probable that it's a cold war game, which would be nice, but there's no confirmation yet, right?

    Wow, so you get to play a lone soldier single-handedly finishing missions and winning the war all by yourself? REVOLUTIONARY DOESN'T BEGIN TO DESCRIBE IT!!!1


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