Nier Art: An East Vs West Comparison

Upcoming Japanese action role-playing game Nier is getting an English language comic book. How does it compare to the original Japanese art?

They're... different. It's not a matter of which one is better or worse. Here are two different stylistic takes on Nier by accomplished artists. On the right is the Western comic art. On the left is the Japanese art. They are different.

DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint is creating a three-part online comic that will feature the work of top DC Comics talent. Contributors like Ricardo Sanchez, Pop Mhan, Eddie Nunez, and Carlos D'Anda will help flesh out the Nier universe.

Here is how Kainé is depicted - both Japanese and Western versions.

And this is the game's protagonist, Nier.

『ニーア』アメコミ版のふたなりカイネの顔がひどすぎる [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]


    I'm with the pro Easterners for this example. Sorry but the Western art looks pretty standard, and speaks to me like cheap marketing to me rather than the beautiful art of the Eastern.


      I'll also comment that although that chick looks super hot, fighting / adventuring or whatever in lingerie is just dumb.

    @RiverCityGamer: Totally agree.

    Brain, what are you doing? :(

    I'll take the japanese Kaine any day... Also Nier looks less stupid in the japanese art -_-

    Oh wow, I wonder what the Japanese are commenting on in that link..

      Oh I can google translate of course:

      They seem to be commenting a bit on how big her lips look.

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