Nintendo 3DS Has A New 3D Screen Contender

Nintendo's foray into bringing 3D gaming to the masses without the need to wear glasses may have a new hardware ally in Hitachi. The electronics manufacturer unveiled details of its new 3D-simulating display today, a potential Nintendo 3DS hardware contender.

Not long after Sharp showed off its own brand of 3D LCD screen tech at an event in Tokyo this month, Hitachi unveiled its own display, a 3.1-inch screen that features similar parallax barrier and in-plane switching wizardry that makes flat displays look three-dimensional.

Hitachi's option does not highlight any touchscreen capabilities, in addition to being smaller and having less impressive brightness. Both Sharp's and Hitachi's displays feature 854 x 480 resolution, much higher than the standard Nintendo DS screens.

携帯電話向けにIPS液晶を採用した3D液晶パネルを開発 [Hitachi via Akihabara News]


    Maaaaaaaaan, I am drowning in 3D. Would someone throw me a lifesaver???

    if it happens, going from 4.2 with my XL to 3.1 when the 3DS comes out is going to be annoying.

      one of the only two reasons why i won't get the XL, as much as i do want it. the other being my meagre pocket money situation at the moment :(

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