Nintendo Marks DSi XL Launch With DSi Price Drop

Nintendo Marks DSi XL Launch With DSi Price Drop
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With the DSi XL launching into Australian stores tomorrow, Nintendo has announced a timely price drop for the regular, low-fat DSi.

When the DSi XL was priced at $299.95 – the same price point as the DSi – we speculated that Nintendo might adjust the price of the existing model.

Hey, we were right!

As of today, the DSi will carry a recommended retail price of $249.95.

Who’s picking up a DSi XL tomorrow? Or are you now tempted by the original DSi?


  • DSi is pretty tempting. Go to IGN and read their top 10 DSiWare titles. There are more quality gaming diversions than I first thought, (Dark Void Zero, Flipnote, the artstyle puzzlers to name but a few)

    • I guess if you are internet savvy it wouldn’t really matter, but about 90% of the DS games are shovelwares… Remember that that’s Top 10 out of a million :p

      • The great thing about shovelware is you can just not buy it 😛

        I’d rather have 10 titles out of a million that are good, than 1 good title and about fifty mediocre ones

  • Price drop takes effect officially tomorrow apparently.

    I’m getting a DSi XL, only for err “Professional” reasons >_>

  • Picking my Bronze XL from JB HI FI tomorrow. XL + XL starter kit (case, screen protectors, extra stylus) + Sonic Collection for the normal RRP $299. Pretty great if you ask me. If not GAME Online is selling them for $269 and Big W for $278.

    • DS Lites are (and always have been) sub $200 and generally have a game or 2 thrown in…

      I am considering trading my DSi for an XL…the 4.2inch screens are very sexy…Plus I have not spent any money on DSi Ware outside of the free 1000pts so i’m looking forward to getting 1000pts again and actually getting some games that I want now that the selection is much better

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